Get your promotional offers in the hands of our premium subscribers


Mandarin Quarterly offers brands an opportunity to utilize our member benefits program, MQX, to extend your brand’s exclusive offers, promotions, upgrades, and invite-only experiences to premium subscribers, whom we refer to as members. 


What is MQX?

Mandarin Quarterly’s member benefits program, MQX, is utilized by brands seeking opportunities to extend promotional offers to MQX members, which includes Chinese influencers and tastemakers residing in North America. Whether you are launching a new product, hosting an invite-only event, aiming to increase customer loyalty, or simply enhancing your branding efforts, MQX provides a well-defined channel for extending promotional opportunities to MQX members.



What does the “X” stand for?    

“X” represents experience, which is what you are seeking to offer Mandarin Quarterly subscribers.  You know that if people experience your brand, loyalty should soon follow. 

Who are MQ Subscribers?

Mandarin Quarterly’s subscribers include 25 -45 yr old native Chinese-speaking business professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors residing in North America, or visiting on a regular basis. They are fashion-forward and ambitious in their respective fields. While they work in North America and are able to operate in English, they are loyal North America's top Chinese-language media brand - Mandarin Quarterly. 


How do MQ Subscribers become MQX members?

In order to start realizing MQX benefits, Mandarin Quarterly subscribers pay a $50 annual membership fee, and fill out a short survey that asks them for detailed information about their career, lifestyle and interests. Members are motivated to offer this level of information in exchange for the special offers, experiences, and promotions brands are offering in North America. Once a member of MQX, your offering will reach them via email, social media, and this website. 

Can’t we advertise on the Mandarin Quarterly platform?

Brands utilize Mandarin Quarterly as an integral part of their branding and marketing to stylish and affluent Chinese in North America.  While ad placement is critical for brand awareness amongst MQ’s audience, marketing efforts that include special offers, discounts, and upgrades are hard to promote without tarnishing the a premium brand's status. The MQX platform represents a way of getting your incentives and 'special offers' in the hands or MQ’s audience in an invite-only fashion.   


How can I get started?

Contact Mandarin Quarterly’s Audience Manager, Candice Wang, at,  to explore options for positioning your promotion in front of MQX members. We will then determine how the incentive is won or confirmed by MQX members and execute an Agreement. If a more integrated marketing and branding campaign is what you are looking for, please contact our Publisher at