Timothy Musho

Along with his professional film and photography work you can find Tim shooting street photography documenting the daily life of a Chicagoan.


Jeremy Deming

A car and tech enthusiast with industry experience in tourism, design and photography. Wanderlust has him searching for adventure. Follow his adventures on instagram @mrdeming.


Billy Rood

Billy Rood’s cinematic and ethereal imagery of fashion, beauty and portraits always has a strong visual style, sophistication, energy and wit. With his signature use of color and editing, his artistry feels timeless while staying fresh, modern and unique.

Amber Gibson

Freelance writer Amber Gibson reports on food, drink and luxury travel for Private Air Luxury Homes, Four Seasons Magazine, Details, Hemispheres and Rhapsody. Follow her globe-trotting adventures on Instagram (@amberyv) and Twitter (@ambergib).


Sun Sihang

A photographer and writer reports on travel, fine art, tech, and lifestyle. Always want to explore this world by photos and characters. Follow his journey on Instagram (sihangsun) and

Tim Hiatt

Timothy Hiatt is a photographer based in Chicago, Illinois, but has been known to travel to the various corners of the world based solely on the promise of cashable checks or actual hard currency. His clients include MTV, NBC, Nike and Samsung.


Katherine Shi

A  freelancing journalist based in NYC, Katherine Shi reports on fashion, trends, dining and lifestyle. With her other expertise in Film and TV, follow her film festival reports and global travel blog through Instagram (@katherineshi123). 

Snovil Dong

A freelance writer reports on fashion, art, travel, and lifestyle. An adventurer craves for new experiences and perspective. A gymnast and yogi live an active life on her daily routine. Follow her steps on Instagram ( san_franpsycho_ ) or personal website


Fan Zhang

A regular contributor to Mandarin Quarterly based in NYC, Fan Zhang reports on fashion, event, art, workout and lifestyle. When she's not writing, you can find her sweating in the gyms or running in the shopping malls. She is always in search of good food, good place and good people.


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